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  • Contains :
    Technical acronyms
    Beginner Leveling Guide
    Rank 40/Amateur Guides (Hilbert's Guide)
    Special Task Force and Elite STF Guides
    Player Vs Enemy Guide (PVE)
    Player Vs Player Guide (PVP)
    Energy Credit Grinding

    Dilithium Grinding
    DPS Parser (Know your damage)
    Ship and Character builds for everyone
    PVP Boot Camp (Training camp for PVP)
    Other awesome desserts

  • Being good at STO a lot about reading.

    Learn everything you have to know about Star Trek Online, from n00b to pro, including builds and tips.

  • Dish 3 : The Hilbert Guide

  • The Hilbert Guide is must-read for all Starfleet Academy cadets writen by veteran Vice Admiral Hilbert@mancom, one of the best ingame players.

  • A cookie cutter approach to PVP in Star Trek Online by Hilbert@mancom
  • Dish 10 : Dilithium Grinding

  • Grind dilithium in an efficient way.

  • Ways to get Dilithium quickly Doff mission - Turn In Contraband It gives you 2K Dilithium for every 5 contraband (200 K EC total), you can find this mission at ESD, DS9, Qo'nos and many other starbases     Mission - Repair Utopia Planetia 21k EC, 2.1 k Dil  Minigame - Dilithium Mining : Daily Transwarp to Dilithium mining facility when the event is on, start mining!  Star Trek Lore : Daily Go to your academy (StarFleet Academy/ Klingon Academy) and use the computer there, gi
  Desserts  References and More

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