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  • Swedish-born and Los Angeles-based vocal and performance coach Per Bristow reveals some of his singing techniques. These free videos talk about rhythm, high notes, vibrato, and posture. There are links to Per's blog, Facebook, and website. The references sections contains several reviews, which are generally positive.

  • To introduce singing and performance coach Per Bristow's natural singing techniques, called the Bristow Method.

  Dishes  - Video Lessons & Samples
  • Dish 1 : Learn How To Sing: Can Anyone Learn? Really?

  • 2'39" short video. Yes, have fun, work at the level you enjoy.

  • Can anyone learn to sing? That is the age old question. If fact, who can learn to sing and what does it take to learn to sing better? In this video Per Bristow - the creator of the breakthrough voice training method known as the Bristow Voice Method - and the Sing With Freedom program home study version addresses this common question

  • Dish 2 : How To Sing Better: Develop Rhythm and Timing

  • 4'19" short video. What musicians do with rhythm and pattern.

  • - vocal coach Per Bristow addresses how to develop rhythm and timing for singers, and why it is that all members of the online singing training program The Singing Zone get a rhythm training course for free. In this video you'll see the important steps in order to learn how to sing with a greater sense of rhythm, to be able to feel the beat and the groove better, and to improve your timing. Developing your sense of rhythm is crucial in order to sing better with g

  • Dish 3 : Sing High Notes - How Rock Singers Do It (the good ones)

  • 3'40" short video. Softer is the key.

  • - How do you sing high notes? Want to sing high pitched rock songs a la Bon Jovi, Skid Row, etc.? What's the difference between falsetto and head voice? Los Angeles vocal coach Per Bristow - creator of the world's most popular voice training program - the Sing With Freedom/ The Singing Zone program - demonstrates the common trap rock singers fall into when singing in the high range.

  • Dish 4 : Vocal Vibrato - Can You Learn To Sing With Vibrato?

  • 3'35" short video. Vibrato can be developed, by lessing pressure.

  • HHow to sing with vibrato - Per Bristow - creator of the Sing With Freedom program and The Singing Zone - explores the application of singing with vibrato and singing without a vibrato. Can vibrato be developed? When do you want vocal vibrato? If you have no vibrato when you sing, is that a problem?

  • Dish 5 : How To Sing Long Notes - With Horrible Posture!

  • 3'28" short video. A live illustration of crazy posture. Be healthy, be free, not rigit.

  • - How to sing better? Do you need posture and breath control to sing long notes? Per Bristow, creator of the Sing With Freedom program and The Singing Zone, addresses why people who have encountered "use breath control", "stand with good posture", "sing from your stomach", "sing from your diaphragm" in traditional singing lessons tend to restrict their breathing, rather than discovering how how to sing with freedom.

  Chops  - Reviews, Discussions, More
  • Chop 2 : 1 year of vocal training - Before & After |

  • This was fun to make, the 2nd half of the video is probably more telling. I'm certainly not the world's greatest singer, and have a way to go to reach my goal, but the point is continual improvement and growth. I had a long held false belief you could not significantly improve your vocal ability, and certainly not without a live coach and with simple DVD's. Per Bristow is the man! Brett Manning has been a big help as well.

  Desserts  References and More

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