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  • Here is a sample of courses you can read - or create yourself. They include children's math, high school biology, literature, making cheesecake, Spanish, guitar, juggling, etc. You can search for more by tags or title.

    What courses can you create in Readish? It's up to your imagination! Readish is a free platform to quickly "group-mark" URLs into lists or courses. You can customize courses for yourself, children, friends, students.

  • Readish is a free web app that lets you read courses and "group-mark" URLs into courses. We encourage high-level thinking among students, and help them organize their web research, be creatively, and to share.

    This course aims to:

    • Show you samples of what you can read on Readish - under the "Dishes" section,
    • Demonstrate the kind of courses you can create and customize for yourself, your children or students,
    • Point you help documents about how to create Courses, Documents, Bookmarks, Teams, Ads - under the "Chops" section,
  • Dish 1 : O mio babbino caro !

  • This is a course for voice student - using videos, karaoke, music sheet, articles, images, Google Translate, and Google Street View.

    Click on the title above to navigate to this course. Or click in the left panel to list courses, documents, and bookmarks.

  • The objective of this course is to give the vocal student a quick round-up on this song by: watching video performances, reading about the background of the aria, opera, and composer, Understanding the Italian lyrics through its English translation, Singing along with a karaoke video, Practicing with music score. O mio babbino caro is one of Puccini's most popular arias. Watch videos of the performance - Sissel's naughty interpretation and Maria Callas' sad interpretation. Read up on the backgr
  • Dish 2 : Children's math games for web browser | Readish Course - 791

  • For your children and cousin - learn math through games.

  • To collect 1,000 free math games for children age 9 or below, To collect only browser games that do not require downloading additional apps; The Dish section links to web pages with 4 or more math games The Chops section links to math exercises, worksheets, and other teaching resources, To encourage parents to create your customized courses for children, using these bookmarks. Please suggest your favorite sites for math games, or point out any errors in the comments section below.  This co
  • Dish 3 : High school biology - free web courses

  • Links to video lectures, simulations, slides and other resources for high school students.

  • This Readish course aims To collect free high school biology learning sites fro students and teachers, To make these sites easily available on a daily basis, To interest the teacher in making their own customized biology courses at Readish, so that they can directly access and share very specific web resources with students. Biology is more fun on the web! We bookmark web sites that offer free online biology lessons for high school students. Biology is best learned with interactive fun; the Web
  • Dish 4 : Exploring free courses at Khan Academy

  • Our favorite free web course site for high school students.

  • This course explores the free learning site Khan Academy. First, we focus on student resources, including the areas of: Math, Science and economics, Computer science, Humanities, Exam preparation. Then, the "Chops" section explores the tools for parents and teachers. Khan Academy's rich repertoire of free courses emphasize videos, practices, feedback, and community questions. These create a highly interactive, personalized, and self-paced learning environment. Courses flow naturally like strea
  • Dish 7 : edX free university courses | Readish Course - 717

  • College level free web courses.

  • To explore the edX free online courses, specifically, to: learn the general background of edX and how it works, list the participating universities from around the world, answer frequently asked questions from students, list its courses, to explore specific subject areas, to take a peek into some courses to gain familiarity with edX. EdX is founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technoloy and Harvard University, but now comprises over 20 leading global institution called the xConsortium. EdX
  • Dish 8 : Listen to Huck Finn, Mark Twain, and Marc Devine

  • This course collects an excellent set of audio files of this novel. It uses video, text, and lots of MP3 files.

  • This course aims to Pique your interest in Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by starting the course with a cartoon, Overview the background and context with a Wikipedia entry, Introduce you to Marc Devine's excellent audio book recording of the novel, Help you organize 43 chapters of MP3 audio files in an easy-to-access format, Help you keep track of which files you have listened to, by marking your last-read item with pink background, Link further to ePub, Kindle, HTML and other f
  • Dish 9 : Hamlet by William Shakespeare | Readish Course - 833

  • Make literature interesting with summary videos, movies, cartoon, rap song, audiobooks, etc.

  • This course aims to animate the melancholy prince of Denmark, Hamlet. I bookmark to: videos, animated video summaries, text versions of Hamlet (searchable, linkable, annotated, or translated into modern English), study guides (summaries, analyses, cast introduction, quiz, questions, discussion), audio books, even a rap song, a stick-figure cartoon version of Hamlet, 8 different videos of Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy, Hamlet quotes. The Dishes section contains most of the bookmarks to
  • Dish 10 : Self taught Guitar

  • This course introduces you to guitar playing.

  • Learn to tune your guitar, play simple songs and chords. Also, learn to use Chordify. Learning to play a guitar can be self taught. Learn to tune your guitar, play simple songs and chords. Also, insert your own song and let Chordify change them to chords for you.
  • Dish 12 : Learn to juggle

  • A short and practical course on on a not-so-practical but fun skill of  juggling.

  • We aim to learn juggling from the simplest instruction. We do expect hard work and practices, but we would like to learn from a mixture of animation, text instruction, images, and videos Short and simple lessons on juggling, based on animated GIF, instruction, and videos. Hope you can become a juggler by this weekend's party.
  • Dish 13 : Learn Spanish Part 1: vowels

  • This course is the first in a series of basic Spanish lessons. It reorganizes an excellent web site's pages that uses flash files and audio practices.

  • This course aims to: Let you listen to Spanish speakers pronounce the vowels, Let you hear how the vowels may be mis-pronounced by English speakers, Start you on the very basic of learning Spanish. Five short and practical audio lessons on Spanish vowels - a, e, i, o, u. From We organize this into Part 1. There will be more courses on Spanish consonants, intonation, and other aspects. These are links to the excellent resources of
  • Dish 14 : Making no-bake cheesecake | Readish Course - 531

  • This course collects a list of videos and recipes on making no-bake cheesecake.

  • This course is about making no-bake cheesecake. We will use multiple media so that someone who has never made a cheesecake can get a good "grasp" of the process. This course will include: videos, recipes, blog articles. Here is a collection of short videos and recipes on making no-bake cheesecakes. Hopefully, even if you have never made one before, after taking a look from different angles, you would be able to absorb in 20 minutes all you need to know about making no-bake cheesecake.
  • Dish 17 : Rove Beetle Paederus Dermatitis Treatments | Readish Course - 842

  • Collect medical info about this poisonous insect to share with friends.

  • To introduce the rove beetles and its various species, To highlight the species which body fluid is a poison that can cause skin blisters and inflammation on contact, To bookmark to images of the skin inflammation (Paederus dermatitis), To bookmark possible treatments. Also known as "Charlie" and "tomcat." Name in other languages: Staphylinidae, 隱翅蟲, Жуки-хижаки, Cepkenli_böcekgiller, Kortvingar, ด้วงก้นกระดก, Стафилиниды, Kusakowate_(owady), Kortvinger, ハネカクシ, Kortschildkevers, Holyvaf&ea
  • Dish 19 : Get an ad script from Google AdSense | Readish Course - 158

  • Share business advice about making money on the Web.

  • This course aims to introduce you to Google AdSense. Writers on the Web can sign up with Google AdSense and create advertisement scripts. The writers can then place the scripts into their blog or other web applications, including Readish courses and documents. If these web pages are popular, the writer may generate revenues from the ads. This course is a brief introduction to Google AdSense, and does not touch on any advanced issues. It provides the links to AdSense's own information pages, the
  • Dish 21 : What is Bitcoin? | Readish Course - 617

  • What is this new concept called Bitcoin? Research, store, share useful links and videos.

  • To introduce Bitcoin's concept, practice, and discussion. Bitcoin is an electronic money that has it's own security and limitations about how fast they can be issued. This ensures it's value does not get inflated by any central authority. But recent speculation - when it has a limited volume - has seen the price spiking and crashing. What are the basics? What is Bitcoin economically? And how do we make sense of it, or get a feel of it?
  • Chop 1 : Create a course in Readish

  • Instruction on how to create courses in Readish. This is written using a Readish document (not course). 

  • This document shows you how to create a course at in five steps. Click the top-right "Create" button, fill in the title, learing objectives, summary, and make use of our Web Waiter. Voila! You'll have your new course in no time.   Creating a course at Readish is simple. We will show you how in five steps.     Step 1: Click on the yellow “Create” button in the upper right corner, and select “New course.”         
  • Chop 2 : Create a document in Readish

  • Instruction or help on how to create a document in Readish.

  • Click "New document" and hammer away! Fill in the Description box so that your reader has a quick introduction to your document. Then click "Edit" Content to use the text editor. A "document" in Readish is a HTML text file, with rich formatting. You can use the document you have created as a standalone article, as an extensive note, to be linked from anywhere on the web, to be shared on Facebook, Google Plus, or social bookmarks, or as part of your Readish course.   It takes only four
  • Chop 3 : Create a bookmark in Readish

  • A Readish course is organized around web bookmarks. There are two ways to create a Readish bookmark. First, you can create a stand-alone bookmark on the "New bookmark" page. Second, you can create multiple bookmarks using Web Waiter, when you edit a course.  Concept   Readish courses are organized around web "bookmarks." When creating a course, your are effectively organizing your own bookmarks of web links - under the sections of Dishes (lessons), Chops (practices)
  • Chop 4 : Create a team in Readish

  • You may create a "Team" to hold multiple user names. You can then  share a course with this team of schoolmates or club members. By using Team, you do not have to memorize all their user names and do not have to type them manually. When using a Team name, you need to prefix it with "#," eg, "#my_deer_team." Creating a new Team is easy.   Step 1: Click the "Create" menu on the upper-right corner, and select "New team."     In the "New team" page, enter a name for your team. &
  • Chop 5 : Create an ad in Readish to earn revenues

  • You may save third-party advertisement script in Readish, to be displayed near your courses or documents. Any revenue from these ads should benefit you, in accordance with your agreement with those third-party ad servers. Your ads will only be displayed when other users view your assets. While you view your own assets, the displayed ad will be Readish's ads that benefit Currently, we only allow ad scripts from Google AdSense. We will include other ad servers at a later stage. To cre
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