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  • 平时买的月饼又贵又多糖,而且有相当多防腐剂,吃起来不放心。不如自己在家做月饼,又好吃,又健康。送给朋友也带着满满的爱心。但如何用最简单的方法做出最美味的月饼?以下的“Dishes“部分穿插列出中文视频和食谱;“Chops“部分列出英文网络资源。Mooncake is a Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese videos and recipes are grouped under the Dishes section. English videos and recipes are collected under the Chops section.

  • 学习制作广式月饼。浏览多种食谱、插图、和视频,以观察和对比制作细节。学习如何制作糖浆、豆沙、和饼皮。Learn how to make Cantonese-style mooncake.

  Dishes  - 中文图文和视频
  • Dish 4 : [Eng-subbed] How to make Red Bean Mooncake (廣式豆沙月餅)

  • 粤语视频,13:20。包括红豆沙制法。英文字幕。饼皮制作在4:10。

  • 廣式豆沙月餅材料、份量及做法 餅皮:低筋粉190g、金獅糖漿110g、菜油45g、食用梘水約半茶匙 做法:先將梘水及糖漿混合倒入已篩之粉中加入菜油,拌勻輕手搓成糰,蓋上保鮮紙靜待半小時至1小時以上後,切成約20份(17g1份)滾圓待用. 豆沙饀:紅豆240g、食用梳打粉約半茶匙、細砂糖70g、菜油2湯匙約10g ...
  • Dish 6 : 家庭自制月饼

  • 普通话。13:41视频。教你如何视家庭厨房调整一些细节。

  • 中秋佳节吃月饼,平时买的月饼很贵而且不知道用料,真不放心,不如趁着中秋节放假我们自己做月饼,又好吃,又健康。送给朋友也带着满满的爱心......
  Chops  - 英文文章和视频
  • Chop 1 : How to Make Moon Cakes

  • A 12-step detailed recipe for making mooncakes.

  • Moon cakes are traditional Chinese pastries that are made during the Moon festival (or Harvest Festival), which is celebrated in China, Vietnam, and other countries in Asia. Moon cakes are usually round and contain a sweet filling, with...
  References and More

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