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  • Austrian economists understand that monopoly is moral when based on innovation, which can be swept away by the next innovator. But monopolies become immoral and infinitely sustainable when governments get involved - through supportive laws, regulations, and funding. Peter Thiel suggests we should aim for innovative monopolies that not only create great value but also capture it. To avoid political envy, the monopoly can be camouflaged by investing in diverse products, like Google.

    • What kind of startup should we build?
    • How are the airlines different from Google?
    • How do economists view monopoly?
    • How do Americans mythologize monopoly?
    • How are we confused about monopoly?
    • How is Google a monopoly?
    • How does Google not appear as a monopoly?
  Dishes  - Favoring Monopoly
  Chops  - Discussion & Background  Desserts
  References and More

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