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  • How does a child of 12 travel from Bulgaria by sea to Italy, walk across the Europe to Denmark? How does a child raised in concentration camp know orange is edible? How does he know who to trust and who not to? Does he know about smile? Why does he find his way to Denmark? Find out from this multiple award-winning, Best Scandinavian Children's Book by Anne Holm.

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    • Background info about the young adult book I am David,
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    • Study guide and workbook for students reading this book,
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  Dishes  - Reviews, Maps, Study Guides
  • Dish 2 : Reviews of I Am David |

  • I Am David by Anne Holm, L.W. Kingsland (Translator) contains good reviews.

  • David's entire twelve-year life has been spent in a grisly prison camp in Eastern Europe. He knows nothing of the outside world. But when he is given the chance to escape, he seizes it. With his vengeful enemies hot on his heels, David struggles to cope in this strange new world, where his only resources are a compass, a few crusts of bread, his two aching feet, and some v...

  • Dish 6 : Workbook - i am david booklet |

  • A 34-page study plan and exercise book for students reading I am David.

  • 1963

    This is a story about a young boy's epic journey across Europe, and his budding emotions and sense of the wonder of life.

    The facts are simple. David is a 12 year old boy. He has lived all his life in a concentration camp somewhere in eastern Europe. He does not know anything about his parents or where he comes from, or why he is in the camp. All he knows is that he is David. One day, without any explanation, a guard arranges for him to escape. The electric current is swi

  • Dish 7 : I_am_David_Novel_Study_Preview.pdf |

  • A Novel Study By Nat Reed

    Suggestions and Expectations ..……… 3
    List of Skills ….…………………………… 4
    Synopsis / Author Biography …..……… 5
    Student Checklist ………………………… 6
    Reproducible Student Booklet ..………… 7
    Answer Key ...……………………………… 51

    About the author: Nat Reed has been a member of the teaching profession for more than 30 years. He is presently a full-time instructor at Trent University in the Teacher Education Program. For more information on his work and literature, please visit the websites and

  • Dish 8 : Study guide - I Am David |

  • A detailed and rich study guide, with these contents:

    • 5. DO THE WORK!!
    • 9. Awesome Guide to 21st Century Research
  • What consequences occur from the meeting at Yalta between Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt (FDR), and Joseph
  Chops  - Movie, Blogs
  • Chop 3 : "I am David" by Anne Holm |

  • A blog reviewing this book chapter by chapter. Click "older post" links for intro and Chapter 1 review.

  • This is a blog for my English assessment and it is going to be all about the book by Anne Holm, I am David.

    This book is a really good book and I recommend it to young teens. It is very informative about the German concentration camps and how it ruined peoples' lives.

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