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  • This course points to 500 Spanish language games, quizzes, and interactive lessons for children. That is not counting thousands of quizzes at Quia and PurposeGames, also listed here.

  • To help children learn Spanish, by building a web list of:

    • Games,
    • Quizzes,
    • Interactive lessons,
    • Quia quizzes and games,
    • PurposeGames quizzes and games,
    • Other teaching resources, such as interactive activities, printouts, worksheets, presentation, etc.
  Dishes  - Games, Quizzes, interactives
  • Dish 1 : Spanish Games | PBS KIDS

  • 39 colorful Spanish games for young children. (Also accessible via

  • Games in Spanish featuring your favorite PBS KIDS characters like the Cat in the Hat, Sid the Science Kid and Curious George!
  • Dish 2 : Spanish language learning games |

  • Interactive Spanish lessons and games under 17 sections - varied and practical activities. 

    Buttons with the round speaker icon indicate Spanish language games that include audio. Materials on this site are aimed at learners with beginner to intermediate levels of Spanish language. There are a few vocabulary building games for intermediate to advanced learners on the Advanced Spanish Games page, and some verb conjugation games in the Spanish Verbs Section.

  • Learn Spanish language with free to use and fun online games. Learn Spanish phrases, greetings, vocabulary, numbers and grammar. Free online games for kids and students of Spanish language at beginners to advanced levels.
  • Dish 4 : Crickweb | KS2 Spanish

  • 9 Key Stage 2 Spanish interactive teaching resources for Primary/ Elementary Schools, ages 8-11 years.Spanish for Kids for your IWB, PC or Mac. Learn basic Spanish vocabulary using these colourful drag and drop games.

  • Free Interactive Primary or Elementary Key Stage 2, Ages 8-11 Years, Spanish Teacher Resources and Kids Games. Learn Spanish Numbers, Colours, Classroom Items, Fruits, Vegetables, animals and Transport. Use for homeschool Spanish Lessons.
  • Dish 10 : Quia - Spanish |

  • The first 100 sets out of more than 8000 sets of Spanish interactive activities and games, created by teachers. You can search and sort in detail. They fall under these categories: 

    • Java games: Matching, concentration, word search, flashcards,
    • Quiz,
    • Battleship,
    • Challenge board,
    • Columns,
    • Cloze,
    • Hangman,
    • Jumbled words,
    • Patterns,
    • Picture perfect,
    • Pop-ups,
    • Rags to riches,
    • Ordered list,
    • Scavenger hunt.
  • Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects, including Spanish.
  Chops  - Additional Resources
  • Chop 2 : Spanish for Kids |

  • Excellent resource for Spanish lessons on alphabets, numbers, songs, etc. Some of the categories:

    • Click-N-Say Alphabet
    • Click-N-Say Numbers
    • Children's Music Videos
    • Flashcards & Drag-N-Match Games
    • Games, Games, Games!
    • Games for Younger Kids
    • Fun Vocabulary for Kids
    • Video Short Stories
    • Click-N-Say Colors
    • Video Mix
    • Short Dialogues for Kids
    • Maps & Spanish Capitals Quizzes
    • Printable Worksheets
  • An index of 500 Spanish lessons, songs and games suitable for children learning Spanish online.
  • Chop 20 : The Internet Picture Dictionary: Spanish |

  • Learn Spanish vocabulary using a picture dictionary by these categories: 

    • Animals
    • Appliances
    • Body Parts
    • Clothing and Apparel
    • Colors
    • Fruits
    • Garden and Yard
    • Kitchen
    • Musical Instruments
    • Numbers
    • School
    • Sports
    • Tools
    • Transportation
    • Vegetables

    Then test yourself using these interactive activities:

    • Flashcards
    • Fill-in-the-blanks
    • Word Scramble
    • Stinky Spelling
    • Straight Recall
  • Free, online multilingual picture dictionary with interactive activities for Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and ESL learners.
  References and More

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