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  • Where can I find royalty-free image, video, and audio files to include in my courses? What are the various Creative Common licenses? How are they different from Public Domain media?

    • To help educators find royalty-free media for use in courses,
    • To bookmark articles link to image, audio, video files that are royalty-free, under the Creative Common license, or in the public domain.

    Caution: Even if the sites claim to provide royalty free media, you need to check the media to determine for yourself the authenticity of the claims.

  • Dish 2 : Wikimedia Commons

  • Wikimedia Commons links to many images, audio, and video files you can use under Creative Common and Public Domain licenses.

  • If you are browsing Commons for the first time, you may want to start with Featured pictures, Quality images or Valued images. You can also see some work created by our highly skilled contributors in Meet our photographers and Meet our illustrators. You may also be interested in Picture of the Year.

  • Dish 3 : Content Directories - CC Wiki

  • A directory of web sites that publish all part of their contents under the Creative Commons licenses.

    "The following is a list of organizations and projects powered with Creative Commons licenses. Since Creative Commons does not maintain a database of content and does not store content, we would like CC-community members to help build a directory of projects to help spread the word about CC — hence the CC Content Directories wiki! Please help us fill it out!"

  • Creative Commons licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators.
  • Chop 2 : EveryStockPhoto - search engine for CC photos

  • is a license-specific photo search engine. Currently we index and search millions of freely licensed photos, from many sources, and present them in an integrated search. was launched in April 2006, and is owned and operated by Vibrant Software, located in Vancouver, Canada. Membership is free and allows you to rate, tag, collect and comment on photos. 

  • is a search engine for free stock photos, offering community features to the stock photography community. Free photos are listed under creative commons, public domain and other free licenses.
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