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Children's History Games and Interactive Lessons

 By Oriole

A Course

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This web list points to 700 children's history games, quizzes, and interactive lessons. However, compared to other subjects, such as math and music, the history subject lends itself less to the format of "pure" game, but rather more of "semi-games," i.e., interactive lessons, quizzes, puzzles, and interactive historical maps. 


Learning Questions

  • To make history interesting to primary school children,
  • To find history games that can be played on web browser, without having to download apps,
  • To find interactive lessons, animations, interactive maps, quizzes, puzzles, and other media on history.

Dish 1: United States History (1492-1898) for Kids « |

American history: Over 100 interactive maps, activities, quizzes, and games. Extensive interactive lessons.

United States History (1492-1898) for Kids:

  • Explorers; Pirates; U.S. History Detailed; 13 Colonies;
  • French and Indian War; Native Americans; Indian Wars
  • American Revolution; U.S. Constitution
  • U.S. Government; Presidents
  • Biographies and Famous Americans; Animated Biographies
  • Lewis and Clark
  • War of 1812
  • A Growing Nation; Westward Expansion
  • Civil War; Abraham Lincoln In Depth; U.S.Currency
  • Castles; Social Studies Games 


Dish 2: BBC - History - Games |

29 history games! Emphasis on ancient European and British history. Plus many more animated maps, audio and video files. Check out the left column navigation for more resources.

BBC History - Games index page


Dish 3: History - The Children's University of Manchester

At least 12 games are available among many interactive history lessons under these 3 topics:

  • Ancient Egypt,
    • Introduction to Ancient Egypt
    • Explore Ancient Egypt
    • Giza Pyramid Panorama
    • Egyptian Timeline
    • Ancient Egyptian Gods
    • The Egyptian Number System
    • Writing in Hieroglyphs
    • Making a Mummy (game)
    • Egyptian Jigsaws (game)
    • Egyptian Word Search (game)
  • Black History (interactive lessons, 3 quizzes and 3 word searches),
  • Ancient Greece (interactive lessons, 2 quizzes, 2 games).


Dish 4: Ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens with a list of Dynasties |

Find a hieroglyphic typewriter and 5 quizzes on this site about ancient Egypt. Here are also many videos and screensavers.

Ancient Egyptian Kings and Queens with a list of Dynasties


Dish 5: Free Social Studies worksheets, Games and Projects

85 history quizzes under the "History Quizzes" link, plus 20 other puzzles, interactive activities, timelines and worksheets. (

Free Social Studies worksheets, Games and Projects for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade kids


Dish 6: History Games For Kids - By

5 history games. The left panel link to World History will bring you to online history books and quotes.


Dish 7: Social Studies Games

49 history games.

Provides educational movies for K-3 students. Homework Help, leveled quizzes, games and activities for kids. Exceptional resource for teachers and homeschools.


Dish 8: Webrangers |

69 interactive lessons-activities-quizzes from the National Park Service's Web Rangers.


Dish 9: BBC - Schools - Games

18 history games - Select "History," under the 3 age ranges.

A gateway to the wide range of games available from BBC Schools.


Dish 10: Browse Interactives |

10 interactive activities for history. For K2-8 students. 


Dish 11: ClassZone |

62 animated history lessons, in 30 chapters.


Dish 12: ClassZone |

51 animated historical maps of the US and the world.


Dish 13: H.I.P. Pocket Change™ Web Site - Games |

7 of the games here are based on history and facts.


Dish 14: Kids: Things To Do At Home | National Museum of American History

15 interactive lessons and games on American history.

Exploring the past isn't just something you do at a Museum! Try these fun activities to turn your computer into the Museum's newest interactive exhibit.


Dish 15: Games and Activities about America |

4 US government games, over 50 USA landmark puzzles, and more.

Play games and activities about the USA - landmarks, government, cities, states, and national parks.


Dish 16: BBC - Schools - Primary History |

6 history games - hidden inside interactive history lessons about 6 historical periods:

  • Ancient Greeks
  • Romans
  • Anglo-Saxons
  • Vikings
  • Children of Victorian Britain
  • Children of World War 2

BBC Primary History - Study Ancient Greeks, Anglo-Saxons, Romans, Children of Victorian Britain, Vikings and Children of World War 2


Dish 17: Colonial Williamsburg - Kids - Games & Activities |

14 history games and 16 history activities.


Dish 18: Hangman |

9 groups of hangman games are under History section. All together on this page are 107 groups hangman games, under different categories.


Dish 19: Show Me - free games and fun stuff for kids from UK museums, galleries and science centres |

At least 25 of the 144 games here are history games or interactive activities.


Dish 20: History & Holiday Games: Surfing the Net with Kids |

More than 100 quizzes, word searches, and puzzles.

Play online history games at, including games about holidays, geography and famous people.


Dish 21: Quia - History |

The first 100 sets out of more than 500 sets of History interactive activities and games, created by teachers. There are more games under the US and World History:

  • and

They fall under these categories: 

  • Java games: Matching, concentration, word search, flashcards,
  • Quiz,
  • Battleship,
  • Challenge board,
  • Columns,
  • Cloze,
  • Hangman,
  • Jumbled words,
  • Patterns,
  • Picture perfect,
  • Pop-ups,
  • Rags to riches,
  • Ordered list,
  • Scavenger hunt.

Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects, including History.


Dish 22: Test Your History Knowledge |

More than 1000 user-created games and quizzes tags with "History."

Test Your History Knowledge


Chop 1: Benjamin Franklin | PBS

Interactive lesson about Benjamin Franklin.


Chop 2: Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids |

Interactive history lesson about the US government.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids on GPO Access provides a basic introduction to the Federal Government.


Chop 3: Crickweb | History Links

13 attractive animated/interactive history lessons.

Links to Free Interactive Primary or Elementary History Resources and Games


Chop 4: BBC - Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips - Primary Level Index

Learning resource: Lots of audio and video clips on history.

BBC Learning Zone Clips Library - Primary Level Index


Chop 5: Interactive Timeline - American Revolution Center |


Chop 6: The American Presidents Series - Interactive Timeline |


Chop 7: America's Story from America's Library |

Interactive history and a few games.

Explore U.S. history using primary sources from the Library of Congress. Kids can discover Americas Story, meet amazing Americans, explore the states. Includes songs, movies, quizzes and short stories about American history.


Chop 8: Quiz Games based on Science, Social Studies, History, Geography and English |

5 sets of history quizzes..

Play and learn with interesting Quiz Games on Science, Social Studies, History, Geography and English for K-12 kids.


Chop 9: Primary Resources: History: General Resources & Famous People

Teaching resources for history: PDF, presentations, documents.

Primary Resources - free worksheets, lesson plans and teaching ideas for primary and elementary teachers.


Chop 10: Social Studies Activities | Interactive Whiteboard Resources |

8 interactive activities about history.

Find easy-to-use Interactive Whiteboard teaching tips and make the most of Social Studies Online Activities on your Interactive Whiteboard.


Chop 11: Crickweb | KS2 History

8 Key Stage 2 History interactive teaching resources for Primary/Elementary Schools, ages 8-11 years.History for kids, resources and activities for your IWB, PC or Mac. Roman history kids games and images of Pompeii, Rome and Herculaneum.

There are more interactive activites under KS1 tab.

Free Interactive Primary or Elementary Key Stage 2 History Teacher Resources and Kids Games. Roman History for Kids. Roman Photo Gallery of Rome, Pompeii and Herculaneum.




Thank you for reading!

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