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  • "As the Deer" is a moving praise and worship song. The gentle melody evokes the imagery of green forest brook and the healing power the flows through it. Written in 1981 by Martin J. Nystrom of Seattle, it is based on Psalm 42:1 - "As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God."

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  • As the deer panteth for the water
        So my soul longeth after Thee
    You alone are my heart's desire
        And I long to worship You.


    You alone are my strength, my shield
        To You alone may my spirit yield
    You alone are my heart's desire
        And I long to worship you

    I want You more than gold or silver
        Only You can satisfy.
    You alone are the real joy Giver
        And the apple of my eye.

    You're my friend and You are my brother
        Even though You are a king.
    I love You more than any other,
        So much more than anything.

  • As the Deer is a well-known praise and worship song by Martin J. Nystrom, a native of Seattle, Washington. Written in 1981, this song is based on Psalm 42:1;[1]
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