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  • What is Austrian economics? Are there essays in plain language, giving daily examples to explain to students what Austrian economics is about? The Dishes section collects short essays. The Chops section collects introductory courses. 

    • What is Austrian econmics?
    • How can I explain it to students and youngsters?
    • Are there essays, using daily examples, that I can read to understand this school of free market economics?
  Dishes  - Introductory essays
  • Dish 3 : Bourbon for Breakfast |

  • This is a collection of essays by Jeffrey Tucker. See book review, and links to download free PDF and ePub versions here.

  • Bourbon for Breakfast: Living Outside the Statist Quo

    The state makes a mess of everything it touches, argues Jeffrey Tucker in Bourbon for Breakfast. Perhaps the biggest mess it makes is in our minds. Its pervasive interventions in every sector affect the functioning of society in so many ways, we are likely to intellectually adapt rather than fight. Tucker proposes another path: see how the state has distorted daily life, rethink how things would work without the state, and fig

  • Dish 4 : It's a Jetsons World: Private Miracles and Public Crimes |

  • This is another refreshing, provocative, and educational collection of essays by Jeff Tucker. Here you can download the PDF and ePub copies for free.

  • We are surrounded by miracles created in the private sector, particularly in the digital universe, and yet we don't appreciate them enough. Meanwhile, the public sector is systematically wrecking the physical world in sneaky and petty ways that really do matter.

    Jeffrey Tucker, in this follow-up to his Bourbon for Breakfast, draws detailed attention to both. He points out that the products of digital capitalism are amazing, astounding, beyond belief—more outrageously advanc

  Chops  - More resources & courses
  • Chop 3 : Free to Choose - Milton Friedman | Readish Course 870

  • Strictly speaking, Milton Friedman belongs to the Chicago School of free market economics and limited government. But the ideas are similar.

  • Free to Choose - A Personal Statement is still as relevant today as when it first came out 1/3 century ago. Nobel laureate Milton Friedman maintains that the free market works best for all members of a society and explained this with characteristic charm and clarity. Published in 1980, the 297 page book contains 10 chapters and was a U.S. best seller for 5 weeks. The TV series first aired in 1980 in 10 parts, and updated in 5 parts in 1990 after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  To bookmar
  • Chop 5 : Economics in One Lesson | Readish Course 590

  • Economics in One Lesson is an introduction to free market economics written by Henry Hazlitt and first published in 1946. It is based on Frédéric Bastiat's essay Ce qu'on voit et ce qu'on ne voit pas (English: "What is Seen and What is Not Seen"). To introduce Henry Hazlitt's classic on the unseen, hidden, ignored, overlooked truths and costs about economic issues. To provide readers with different editions (1952, 1982, and a version with an additional chapter), and various media (
  Desserts  References and More

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