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  • History is not what we are taught at school! Through animations, songs, and videos, we trace the Puritans' motivation to leave England, their difficult voyage, starvation at Plymouth, and how they survived with Indian help. Then we dig deeper into how they turned despair into prosperity - in search of the real reasons for thanksgiving: They adopted a system of working for themselves and their own families, then exchanging their surpluses with the Indians and neighboring towns.

    • To bookmark videos, songs, animations about Thanksgiving celebration,
    • To start with the traditional historical accounts,
    • To add critical views of the whats and whys of Thanksgiving,
    • To highlight Governor William Bradford's own account of how the Plymouth colonists eventually prospered.
  • Chop 1 : The Real Thanksgiving | Youtube

  • Private properties saved the Puritans from starvation: "Three men working for themselves and their families were producing as much as 30 men under socialism." 3:56 minute video.

  • We all know the official story we are taught in school. But how about the rest of the story? This the the story of America's First Bailout.
  • Chop 3 : The Truth About Thanksgiving |

  • A more critical and realistic history of Thanksgiving. It covers Edward Winslow's journal account of the feast, the long-running and cruel Indian tribal wars, and the European's intervention with advanced weaponry. 21:22 minute video.

  • An historic analysis of the tradition of Thanksgiving, documenting the only written document that describes the original feast.
  • Chop 4 : Rush Limbaugh: The True Story of Thanksgiving

  • Rush Limbaugh talking about part of his own book, covering Thanksgiving. He talks about the Separatists' arrival at the "desolate wilderness" of Plymouth, how the "common share" and commune system led to starvation. And how Governor Bradford experimented, and divided up the plot, and allowed families to keep the output of their own work.

    This new private ownership system unleashed a bountiful harvest, and led to the Thanksgiving feast, trading posts, repaying colonial debts, and more immigrants. 8:38 minutes. 

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