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  • How can I make my own Halloween costume with the most creativity for the least cost? How can I carve a pumpkin with the least hassle and the most fun? Pinterest and the Web offer so many awesome ideas!

  • To learn from:

    • 10 links for creative and easy homemade Halloween costumes, 
    • Simple guides to carving pumpkin Jack-'o-lantern,
    • Pumpkin pie and other recipes.
  Dishes  - DIY Costume Ideas
  Chops  - Pumpkin Carving Tips
  • Chop 6 : Halloween games - Netmums

  • 16 simple and fun activity and game ideas for Halloween:

    • Apple bobbing
    • Guess the ghost
    • Swinging apples
    • Pumpkin carving
    • Dead man's last meal
    • Halloween treasure hunt
    • Dress the mummy
    • What's the time, Mrs Witch?
    • Sleeping monsters
    • Pass the pumpkin
    • Make your own toffee apples
    • Pin the tail on the black cat
    • Halloween relay races
    • Ghoulish guess what
    • Witches cauldron
    • Brain digging
  • Fab ideas for fun for your Halloween parties, including old favourites such as apple bobbing to more unusual ideas for games, treasure hunts and more!
  Desserts  References and More

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