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  • Images and photos are key learning media. We use the word "cheesecake" to illustrate the search results from image search engines - large and small.

    • Which are the major image search engines or sources?
    • Which are the specialized image search engines?
    • What do the results look like if we search for "cheesecake?"
    • How can we use Google's reverse image search?
  Dishes  - Search for "cheesecake"
  • Dish 1 : Google IMAGE search for: cheesecake "no bake"

    • This is a general image search, but still restricted to "no bake."
      • Zoom out to enjoy the visual feast!
    • Now try a more specific search by typing these words
      • cheesecake "no bake" -chocolate blueberry | strawberry,
      • This search is limited to pages.
    • Now click "Search Tools" and use these menu options:
      • Size
      • Color
      • Type
      • Time
      • Usage Rights
      • More tools
    • Mind you, there is a story behind every image. Just click the image to visit the page for details.
  Chops  - Specialized image search
  References and More

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