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  • Golly! Is that mealworm chocolate? Ant lollipop? Silk worm sushi? Sautéed honey bee pupae? Sweet. If deep fried shrimp, soft-shell crab - legs and all - and escargot, can be gourmet, why not spicy crickets? Nutty, lemony, crunchy, like popcorn, ... so they say. Save the Earth with low-carbon emission protein. Save the cow with mini-livestock. Better yet - save yourself with high-protein, low-fat, bug's light diet.

    • Find tasty-looking bug feast - in videos and articles,
    • Find healthy and nutritious insect recipes. 
    • Save the cow with mini-livestock (what a concept),
    • Save Earth,
    • Save yourself!
  Dishes  - Videos and articles
  Chops  - Images & Insect Recipes
  References and More

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