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  • Free to Choose - A Personal Statement is still as relevant today as when it first came out 1/3 century ago. Nobel laureate Milton Friedman maintains that the free market works best for all members of a society and explained this with characteristic charm and clarity. Published in 1980, the 297 page book contains 10 chapters and was a U.S. best seller for 5 weeks. The TV series first aired in 1980 in 10 parts, and updated in 5 parts in 1990 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

  • To bookmark video and transcript files for Free to Choose - A Personal Statement, ie,

    • video files of the 1980, 10-part TV series,
    • video files of the 1990, 5-part TV series,
    • transcript files of the 1980 TV series, under the Chops section,
    • background information.
  • Dish 3 : Free to Choose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Free to Choose (1980) is a book (ISBN 978-0-15-633460-0) and a ten-part television series broadcast on public television by economists Milton and Rose D. Friedman that advocates free market principles. It was primarily a response to an earlier landmark book and television series: The Age of Uncertainty, by the noted economist John Kenneth Galbraith. Milton Friedman won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1976.

  • Free to Choose: A Personal Statement maintains that the free market works best for all members of a society, provides examples of how the free market engenders prosperity, and maintains that it can solve problems where other approaches have failed. Published in January 1980, the 297 page book contains 10 chapters. The book was on the United States best sellers list for 5 weeks. PBS telecast the series, beginning in January 1980. 

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