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  • A friend of mine ran away and got eaten by the fox. My big day is June 5, but I'm popular during Christmas as one of the soldiers in The Nutcracker - fighting the Mouse King. I holiday in a gingerbread house. People make me big for the Guinness Book of Records. Besides ballet, I am busy making guest appearances on the Muppet Show, Facebook, Shrek the movie, and countless music videos and school performances. Run too fast for Ghostbusters the movie. This is the story of my life.

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    • animated stories of my unfortunate comrade - the run-away gingerbread man,
    • songs, dances, music videos about me,
    • my appearence in The Nutcracker,
    • 7 games about me,
    • my special day - The National Gingerbread Man Day,
    • recipes and Wikipedia aritcles about me,
    • the giant me that entered the Guinness Book of Record.
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