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  • For beginning car owners! This course bookmarks web guides to the basic parts of a car, maintenance and driving tips. It links to slides, articles, wikis, and videos.

  • What are the basic:

    • Parts of a car,
    • Maintenance issues, and
    • Driving and safety issues?
  • Dish 5 : How Cars Work |

  • Among many useful links for beiginner car owners are these: 

    • How Car Engines Work
    • How Manual Transmissions Work
    • How Clutches Work
    • How Automatic Transmissions Work
    • How Brakes Work
    • How Tires Work
    • How Fuel Gauges Work
    • How Odometers Work
    • How Power Door Locks Work
    • How Power Windows Work
    • How Remote Entry Works
    • How Turn Signals Work
    • How Windshield Wipers Work
  • A car contains dozens of different technologies. Everything from the engine to the tires is its own special universe of design and engineering.
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