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  • Most reviewers agree Thermonix functions well as an all-in-one kitchen appliance that combines blender, processor, kneader, chopper, mixer, steamer, crock-Pot, timer and kitchen scale. They generally agree it saves space, is cheaper compared with buying multiple devices, and that its finely-tuned design beats competitors'. Their main criticisms are it's high price, difficult availabilty in the US, limit to family-size capacity, and perhaps its lack of bake and roast capabilities.

    • To find out basic details about Thermomix kitchen appliance from German manufacturer Vorwerk,
    • To see if reviewers find it worthwhile to buy Thermomix,
    • To bookmark recipes and resources on Thermomix (see Chops sectioni).

    Thermomix generally receives positive reviews. Most criticisms surround these issues:

    • High price,
    • Non-existent sales effort in the US - apparently due to legal constraints,
    • Small capacity relative to large families or industry/restaurant use,
    • Tending toward convenience for warm soupy recipes,
    • Can't bake and roast.
  Dishes  - Reviews & Analyses
  • Dish 1 : Should I buy a Thermomix? |

  • "For a few years I couldn’t imagine spending that amount of money on a thermomix. They are a smidge under $2000 which is a lot of money. I know that. But I wish I had one when the twins were born. It would have saved us from eating frozen fish and chips, takeaway and frittata most nights of the week. I use my thermomix almost every day for dinner. I always use it for my baking too and we love desserts in there like custard and sorbets. For me it has paid for itself within the first year. Instead of grabbing pizza on Friday night because I think there is nothing in the freezer it does a quick dough and the kids pop on tomato paste, ham, cheese and other toppings and bang in the oven and done. Much cheaper and healthier too."

  • Dish 2 : Snaring the Elusive Thermomix | Wall Street Journal

  • Another adventure by a US-based writer to secure a Thermomix from the Canary Islands, convert the electricity, cook, and arrive at - again another favorable review of Thermomix and how flexible it is. Only not for volume cooking, not for baking cake and roasting turkey.

  • The $1,400 Thermomix, which isn't sold in the U.S., does everything a blender, processor, mixer, steamer, Crock-Pot, timer and scale can do, but better, and all in one small spot.
  • Dish 4 : The Way We Eat: Dream Machine - New York Times

  • Tom Schierlitz wrote about his difficulty of getting one, and eventually favorable view of Thermomix:

    A few months ago, I called the United States supplier for Thermomix, the king of appliances, to ask some questions. The man on the other end of the phone told me rather testily that he did not! not! not! want me to write about the Thermomix, a product that does not rely on advertising. Nor was he pleased that I had already borrowed one from another source. And besides, he added, I wouldn't be able to figure out how to use it anyway.

  • The Thermomix takes on the blender, the mixer, the food processor, even the stove. But just try getting one.
  • Dish 5 : Thermochef vs Thermomix : Iron Chef Shellie

  • Another review and comparison that settles in favor of Thermomix, but with detailed images and arguments about the reasons why.

  • So here it is, my long awaited review; the battle between Thermochef vs Thermomix.

    Having owned and frequently used my Thermomix for about a month or so, I was given the opportunity to road test it against the Thermochef. I had my doubts, I had heard stories but decided to adopt a fair approach and attitude when I did a series of tests.

  • Dish 8 : What is wrong with this (Thermomix) picture? |

  • Why is Thermomix not available for sale in the US? A comment by Damaris Li answered this question:

    I was asking Vorwerk why they don`t sell the Thermomix in the US. First reason, some of the material isn`t aproved for the US Market. Second reason, the law for the product liabilty is really hard. They told me with a newer version they would try to sell the Thermomix in the USA. But they don`t know, when a new version would be ready.

  • SuperKitchenMachine is popular with people from around the world who are researching Thermomix. But this snapshot of recent blog statistics clearly shows that something is amiss...
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