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  • What might families enjoy in Penang, Malaysia? What do reviewers say about each attraction? We start from the ferry terminal, course through the city, northwest for kid-friendly attractions, south to Balik Pulau, swing around to the War Museum, aquarium, and plane spotting. Then perhaps cross the bridge to the mainland, for a little natural wonder - flireflies on river bank.

    Please make your suggestions via Comments. The "Chops" section includes reviews about local hawker food.

  • To plot a course around Penang island, Malaysia, that a family with children might enjoy. These attractions will take perhaps 3-5 days to explore.

  Dishes  - Round island for kid
  • Dish 3 : Penang Travel Bus Hop-On Hop-Off HOHO | Taste...iest, Penang Food Recommendation

  • The HOHO buses are equipped with WIFI Services that allow traveler to search for travel information while cruising to their next destination. HOHO buses has sky view and open deck seating area and disable friendly facilities. It’s route cover 50 major attraction with reasonable price. HOHO Fares Penang HOHO bus fares can be purchase directly from the bus driver, authorized sales outlets, travel agencies or via Internet. 24-Hours RM45/per adult (RM19 with MyKad, Malaysia ID) RM24/per child (RM12 with MyKad, Malaysia ID) 48-Hours RM79/per adult (RM32 with MyKad, Malaysia ID) RM43/per child (RM20 with MyKad, Malaysia ID)

    Read more at: | Taste...iest, Penang Food Recommendation

  • Penang Hop-On Hop-Off HOHO in operation starting 16 Nov 2014, another alternative to penang buses to travel around the island, fares and operation hours are
  • Dish 7 : Penang Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour - Tours & Sightseeing | Facebook

  • Superb ride i really enjoy myself with family which covers 80% of penang attraction with a fraction of price. Really worth it especially those new in penang. There ia info and guide inside the ride for reference and enjoy the evelated view of penang while cruising ....

    [But this bus service appears so burdened with government-official involvement that I wonder how long it will last in terms of quality or self-sustaining profitability.]

  • Penang Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour. 2,443 likes · 101 talking about this · 335 were here. Get to Penang Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour
  • Dish 11 : KOMTAR Penang viewing deck on 58th floor - Georgetown Attractions |

  • CLOSED FOR RENOVATION UNTIL PERHAPS JUNE 2015!!! (What do you expect of government property?) 

    At the fringe of the heritage site is KOMTAR tower, and mid-range shopping mall. The 58th-floor viewing deck gives you a bird's eye view of the city's heritage houses, the strait, and the hill. Parking and finding the viewing deck may be a hassle. Look for Malayan Banking branch to find the entrance to the tower. This page contains Info and map.

  • KOMTAR is located in central Georgetown, along the north-south Jalan Penang and east-west Jalan Magazine. The 65-storey high-rise and mall is one of the most prominent landmarks in Penang with a viewing deck on the 58th floor offering views of the island and across the straits to Penang’
  • Dish 12 : Aerial view of Penang/George Town, Komplex Tun. Oct 2012 |

  • View from the 58th floor of KOMTAR.

    More info:

    CLOSED FOR RENOVATION UNTIL PERHAPS JUNE 2015!!!  Opening Hours: 10.00 am-5.00pm, Monday- Friday

    Ticket Price:  RM 5 for Adult and RM 3 for Children.Tickets can be purchased at the information counter located on the Ground floor of KOMTAR tower (near Maybank)

    For more information please call 016-411 0000 or 04-650 5136.

  • Dish 15 : Kidland |

  • Prepairing for an Enhanced and interactive World!

    Kidland is perceived as a center for kids where education meets entertainment.

    Personal experience is an influential education tool for kids as though each job and activity; kids can acquire knowledge on how humanity works, adult occupation, togetherness, and independence, self-esteem and everyday skills. Activities are fully practical in order to offer kids the most appropriate and attractive learning experience.

  • Dish 22 : Gurney Drive | Persiaran Gurney Penang, Malaysia - Dining, Shopping, Hotels, Maps

  • Gurney Drive is a still-evolving seafront - with sea view, mudflat for seasonal bird-watching (to spin this positively), hawker food, and the latest shopping malls that provide the welcomed air-conditioning escape. This page offers info and map.

    Several dim sum places and Bakkutteh (herbal soup of pork ribs) restaurants (that also sell famous hawker food) are located in the center stretch for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. During the hot sunny day, hide into the shopping complexes and cinema. Emerge only in late afternoon.

  • The centre of food haven and famous seafront in Penang - Gurney Drive Penang is located in the northern part of Penang, towards Tanjung Bungah.
  • Dish 27 : Penang Toy Museum - Tanjung Bungah Attractions |

  • A daring dream of a venture, the Toy Museum gets mixed reviews apparently because of unsatisfying ambiance and a high ticket price for local taste. It still may astonish the child at heart. This page contains info and map.

  • Penang Toy Museum bills itself as the world’s largest toy museum. It is home to over 100,000 dolls, trains and other collectibles and has earned a spot in the Malaysian Book of Records as the country’s first toy museum, with the largest toy and figurine collection.
  • Dish 29 : Penang Butterfly Farm - Batu Ferringhi Attractions |

  • Kids will be thrilled or scared by the plentiful live butterflies. A pioneer and well-managed butterfly farm and insect museum. The only drawback is you may have visited it before. See intro with map.

  • Opened in 1986, the Penang Butterfly Farm – located in Teluk Bahang – is one of Penang’s best known and most popular tourist attractions. The eight-hectare butterfly sanctuary houses an impressively varied collection of butterfly species as well as an assortment of other insects. The farm sits at
  • Dish 34 : National Park Penang - Malaysia Tourist & Travel Guide |

  • Most people will be dissappointed if they expect a well-maintained national park. So long as you:

    • Don't expect the canopy walk to be repaired or ready to visit;
    • Don't expect to see well-maintained turtle breeding ground;
    • Don't expect to see the meromictic lake in full level for most of the year.

    You will probably find these fun things to do:

    • The trekking itself, with 1/2 hour to 3-hour trails available. Bring along oranges and nuts to reward yourself!
    • See the large water monitor lizards by the rocky beach near the entrance, that swim out to the sea as the day heats up,
    • Low tide periods and the shallow, clean, water and beach at USM marine research beach and Monkey Beach.
      • Where is the water clean and sandy? Generally the eastern end of these two beaches.
      • When is the tide low? Mid morning or late afternoon, for about 4 days after the new moon or full moon, when the beaches and shallow water stretch out a hundred meters.
    • During low tides, look out for spotted and colorful sea snails, colorful crabs, starfish, and sand dollars, etc,
    • Taking the local boat on the way back (remember to get their name cards or handphone numbers before you enter the park), when sometimes you may see dolphins,
    • Watch out for the aggressive monkeys (macaques) grabbing you sandwishes and camera bags.

  • The Penang National Park is formerly known as Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve. It is then declared a national park by the former Prime Minister in the year of 2003.
  • Dish 47 : Audi MTB Club | Facebook

  • Another bike renter, with BBQ and snack services. Located southwest near Pulau Betong, with access to padi field and beach, etc.

  • Audi MTB Club, Balik Pulau, Malaysia. 517 likes · 25 talking about this. Audi MTB Club is an eco-friendly yet unique bicycle tour company in Penang. We provide quality bike rentals. Our motto is "Go Green, Go Cleaner!" Our mission is to promote healthy living and greener lifestyle through our high quality and eco-friendly bicycle rental and tours to Penang visitors and residents here. Come and experience the joy and fun of seeing Penang, especially Balik Pulau area on Audi MTB Club's two
  Chops  - Street, hawker food
  Desserts  References and More

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