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Click "New document" and hammer away! Fill in the Description box so that your reader has a quick introduction to your document. Then click "Edit" Content to use the text editor.


A "document" in Readish is a HTML text file, with rich formatting. You can use the document you have created as a standalone article, as an extensive note, to be linked from anywhere on the web, to be shared on Facebook, Google Plus, or social bookmarks, or as part of your Readish course.


It takes only four steps to create a document at Readish. However, the formatting choices are many and can be confusing.



Step 1: Click New document in Create menu.


Hover your mouse over the yellow "Create" button on the upper-right corner, and click the "New document" link in the drop-down menu.


Create new document





Step 2: Fill in document "Title" and "Description."


Fill in a suitable document title; you can change this later. In the Description box, write your overview of up to 500 characters. You can use this as your "writing objectives," "thesis statement," or you can write this last - after you have finished the document.


This Description text will be displayed in Readish search. It is also extracted by search engines, such as Google search, to appear in search results -- and therefore helps others discover and understand your document.


Enter your document title above, and description in this box



Step 3: Edit document content.


Click the "Edit" link, next to the "Content" subtitle, to start editing the HTML content. 


Click "Edit" link to start writing into document content


Note: While other input areas in Readish can be directly clicked in to edit, and click out to save, you must specifically click "Edit" or "Save" for Document content area. 




Step 4: Save content and publish.


When you are done editing, click the "Save" link next to the Content subtitle. Alternatively, you can click the Save icon in the menu below.


Finally, you need to click the orange-color "Publish" button at the top of this page to make this document publicly visible. If you do not "publish" a document, it is only visible to yourself.


You can click Save link above, or this Save icon in the menu below





Optional: Formatting Menu and Features


To format you document, use the menu and icons below the editor area. Common features include bold/italic/underline, font face/size/colors, alignment, bullet points, and indentation. 


The text editor's menu below contains many formatting options


You can insert links, images, and media. However, unlike most blog server, Readish does not host your images, videos, or other media files. You will need to place your media on other cloud-based services, eg, PicasaWeb or Flickr, and link to them from your document at Readish. 


There are many more features on the menu items that you can explore. 




Optional: Add a thumbnail


Adding a thumbnail is helpful for three reasons:

  • First, A well-selected image can quickly communicate an idea to the readers.
  • Second, search listing will include that image, which can help reader quickly identify your document.
  • Third, a good image brightens up and softens the document for viewers.

See Add a thumbnail for further tip.  




Optional: Document details or settings


In the "Document details" section, you can identify your document's language if different from English, which will help Readish search and other search engines. You can point to your ads. If you want to keep the document for your own eyes only, your only option is to keep it "Unpublished."


Update document details and note sections


You can also uncheck "Search listing" so that this document is not listed in Readish search engine. However, your published document remains publicly available if user types in the URL, and a search engine may still find it.



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