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You can edit and save your contents quickly - and on the same page - in Readish. Most of the input boxes will automatically save your changes when you click away, or click outside of the input box. The only exception is the Content box of a Readish Document, which requires that you specifically click the "Edit" and "Save" content links. This is so that you could view, click, and follow the links inside your document.


Boxes that save automatically when you edit an asset


If you have editing permission for a Readish asset (course, document, or bookmark), you will be able to both view and edit this asset on the same page. Simply click into an editable box to make changes, then click away, or press the Tab button to focus on the next box. Readish will automatically save the changes when you click away. 


In the example below, you may edit a course title, learning objectives, and summary by simply filling in these boxes, then click or tab to the next box.


Create course page displays several auto-save boxes


The Web Waiter box will also run automatically. But the results will need you to select, assign to various section, and to save.





Thumbnail boxes that save automatically


Below is an image that shows a course thumbnail box. On your edit course page, click into it, paste your image URL, then click away to save and update this thumbnail. The same applies to  thumbnail boxes for Readish document and bookmark.


You can directly enter an image URL into the course thumbnail box


Inside a course, there are sections of Dishes, Chops, and Desserts. If you have editing permission, you can also update their thumbnail images. Hover and click on an existing thumbnail images for a "Chop," for example. The image will turn into an input box. Paste your new image URL into this box, then click away.


Directly input an image URL into a thumbnail box for a Dish, Chop, or Dessert under a course



This image shows the updated thumbnail image. 

Image is automatically saved and updated once you click away from the input box




Exception: Click Document content's Edit link to edit


This image shows the edit document page. While you can directly type into the Title and Description box, then click away to update, you need to click "Edit" for the Content box.


This is to ensure that you have two modes: The editing or the viewing mode.

  1. In the "viewing mode," you will be able to click and follow any HTML links inside your content.
  2. But once you click the "Edit" link, you will enter the "editing mode," in which you will be able to edit and change that HTML link.


You need to click "Edit" content to update it in a Readish document


When you are done with editing, click the "Save" link above the input box, or the Save icon in the menu below to store your changes.


You need to click "Save" content link or the Save icon to save your changes in Readish document



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