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Readish makes it easy for you to create courses with our Web Waiter box. Web Waiter automatically extract summary information from the URL you provide, including that web page's title, description, thumbnails, and of course, URL. You can add your own guiding text later. Web waiter can extract details for up to 5 URLs at one time. You can set the Web waiter to "Auto run" as you paste the URLs. You can also set or unset the box to clear the URL automatically after use


This illustration shows that you can paste several URLs into the Web Waiter box. Since the "Auto run" box is checked, Web Waiter will automatically extract details for the first five URLs. The results will be displayed above the Web Waiter box. You may cancel any one of the results, or click the Save button to save them into your course. 


Web waiter will extract summary details and thumbnail from the URLs you enter


If the "Clear" checkbox is checked, the Web Waiter box will be cleared after the process, so that you may enter further URLs.


The above illustration is part of Create a course in Readish. You may view this course to learn how Web Waiter works in the context of creating a course.



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