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You may save third-party advertisement script in Readish, to be displayed near your courses or documents. Any revenue from these ads should benefit you, in accordance with your agreement with those third-party ad servers. Your ads will only be displayed when other users view your assets. While you view your own assets, the displayed ad will be Readish's ads that benefit Currently, we only allow ad scripts from Google AdSense. We will include other ad servers at a later stage.


To create an ad for your courses or documents, follow these four steps:


Step 1: Click the "Create" menu at the upper-right corner, and select the "New ad" link.


Click "Create" menu, and select "New ad" link to create a new ad



Step 2: Fill in a Name for your ad. This should be a name to help you remember your ad, such as "Tower ad A with text only, Google AdSense."


Enter ad Title and Script content



Step 3: Copy an ad script from your ad provider, and paste into the "Script" box. See picture above. Click "Save" and you are done!




Step 4: Go to edit your course or document. Scroll down to the "Document details" or "Course details" section. Click either the "Right panel ad" or "Bottom ad" select list, and select your favorite ad. That's it!

Select your ad from Document details or Course details section





But how do I get my own ad script?


To get your own ad script from Google AdSense, please check out the courses below. Currently, we only allow ad script from Google AdSense. We will allow more advertisement providers in the near future.


Return to Help Overview page.

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