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Why should I use Readish? What is Readish for?

Readish is a free tool to quickly organize bookmarks into courses - to share and enjoy. "Group mark" your research, rather than lose isolated bookmarks. 


Express yourself through web lists. "
Groupmark" URLs into courses: Store, review, and share bookmarks easily. Don't lose your discoveries again! Use Readish to bundle links for videos, audios, slides, blogs, photos, notes/docs/forms, PDFs, map locations, machine translation, quizzes, games, and search strings.

For self-learners: Study free courses. Come back often to browse. Benefit from the ideas and judgement of other Readish users like you.

For parents and teachers: Customize courses for your children. Creating a course in Readish is a breeze - copy and paste URLs into our Web Waiter. It will automatically pull titles, thumbnails, and descriptions from the Web.

For students: Share research with friends; submit assignment as a Readish course. Arrange your own videos, Google Docs, presentations already uploaded to the cloud. Review and constantly improve upon them.

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