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This document shows you how to create a course at in five steps. Click the top-right "Create" button, fill in the Title, Learning Objectives, Summary, and make use of our Web Waiter. Voila! You'll have your new course in no time.


Creating a course at Readish is simple. We will show you how in five steps.

Step 1: Click on the yellow “Create” button in the upper right corner, and select “New course.”

       Create menu at Readish




Step 2: On “New course” page, fill in the Title, Summary, Learning objectives, and Thumbnail URL boxes. All these are optional. But a good and short title is important. The "Summary" will be used in Readish search listing, and used by third-party search engines.

We strongly recommend that you first write down your "Learning objectives," as this will guide your web search and focus your reading. A good thumbnail can add "life" to the course, and help readers identify your course at a glance.

      Fill in course title, learning objectives, summary boxes



Step 3: Add bookmark items to your course. Paste up to 5 URLs at a time into Web Waiter - the yellow box in images above and below. Let it run automatically, or click the green up-arrow icon. 

       Paste URLs into Web Waiter

 Web Waiter will extract basic details for each URL, including the title, thumbnail, and description (see below). If you paste more than 5 URLs, the rest wil be ignored. But you can delete the first five and click the green up-arrow to run Web Waiter again.

     Web Waiter extracts summary and image from your links



Step 4: You may then assign each extracted item to these sections:

  • "Dishes" (or lessons),
  • "Chops" (secondary lessons or exercises),
  • "Desserts" (rewards to entertain your readers), and
  • References (or additional links).

      Assign this dish to a diferent section, eg, Dessert



Step 5: Click "Save" button to save your results. Saving your items will move them to the respective sections. You may sort your items within each section, or move them across sections.

Hover your mouse over any item title, and a "gear" or tool icon will appear. Click on the gear icon to open the grey menu to sort, move, delete items (pictured below).

Sort, move, delete items within, or across the sections (Dishes, Bites, Desserts, References)



Further Details:

You may set optional course details, such as which of your own ads to show your readers, access choices (Open, Closed, Secret), etc. We will cover that in a different document.



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