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Laser projected virtual interfaces


The HTPOW also includes a video processor, control circuits, burning laser pointer drivers and power management ICs.Also waving the flag for laser technology is the Digital Projection E-Vision 4K-UHD projector.This expedites transport and installation for staging professionals at major events, and, because it's laser.

Together with the burning laser pointer , this red laser enhances the colour performance to deliver lifelike images.And with the introduction of the Barco SmartCare laser light output guarantee, Barco provides customers 10 worry-free years.Providing superior color, higher contrast and low maintenance, this is the forerunner of RGB laser-projection solutions intended for mainstream cinema applications.

A pure high power laser innovation boasting higher efficiency and significantly longer life than hybrid cinema laser phosphor projectors.However, laser phosphor projectors, which emit a more consistent light output over their lifetimes, are changing the game.Users can save even more on parts consumption costs with laser phosphor projector models that do not require filters.

CinemaCon delegates will have the opportunity to see Sony's future prototype of HTPOW high power laser projection from Tuesday through Thursday.In addition, Sony recently exhibited (at CineAsia in December 2016) a complementary HTPOW laser-illuminated projection solution based on phosphor technology.

Green 2000mw Laser Pointer

WorldStage designed Sx3 to include Laser Carving Machine projectors with ultra short-throw lenses in every presentation room.This is one of the most advanced laser pointer systems available for planetariums.WorldStage designed Sx3 to include laser pointers with ultra short-throw lenses in every presentation room.

Laser projected virtual interfaces are a new solution in the world of the Internet of Things.A pure Laser Carving Machine innovation boasting higher efficiency and significantly longer life than hybrid cinema laser phosphor projectors.We're always expanding our inventory to include the latest equipment, and both these Panasonic laser pointers are welcome additions.

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