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You may create a "Team" to hold multiple user names. You can then  share a course with this team of schoolmates or club members. By using Team, you do not have to memorize all their user names and do not have to type them manually. When using a Team name, you need to prefix it with "#," eg, "#my_deer_team."


Creating a new Team is easy.


Step 1: Click the "Create" menu on the upper-right corner, and select "New team."


Click "Create" menu, then the "New team" link to create a new team


In the "New team" page, enter a name for your team.


Enter your Team name here, excluding invalid characters

Readish will ignore the differences between capital and small letters. You may use the dash (-), underscore (_), and period (.) characters in the Team name. But the characters below are not allowed in the Team name: 

~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + = { } | [ ] \ /  ; : ” ’  ? < > , and “space”, “tab”, carriage (\r) and new line (\n) characters

Click the Save button and you are done.




Step 2: Add Team members. 


You will be redirected to the Team page, where you can add Team members. You may add several user names at a time, separated by commas (,). Click the "Save" button to save the user names. You can only "auto lookup" names of users who have already subscribed to courses you edit or read. 

Add user names into your Team; they will become members of this Team



Step 3: Share with the Team. You can share with your team any courses that you edit. Click the "Share" icon on your list Courses page, as pictured below. 


Click the "Share" icon on list courses page to share that course



Or click the "Share" icon in the edit course page, as pictured below.

Click the "Share" icon on the edit course page to share this course



Step 4: On the share page, type any user name or Team name. Team names must be preceded by the character "#," eg, #my_deer_team. Each name must be separated by commas (,). Write any message, decide whether you want to share editing permission, then click the "Submit" button to share.


To share a course, on "Share" page, enter Team name, user name, or email address

Your members or friends will be notified by email and on the "Notifications" page that you have shared this course with them.


Click "Notifications" to check if someone has shared a course with you 



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