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A good thumbnail image for your course or document adds vitality, and helps readers identify it. Most of the time, Readish can automatically extract and cache a small thumbnail image from the web page you link to. But you may want to select a different image from the web page, or you may want to use your own image. This document describes how to do that.


Where can I update thumbnail images?


Thumbail images can be updated in several places in Readish, if you have editing permission to create or edit these assets:

  • a course,
  • a document,
  • a bookmark,
  • a dish or chop (actually also a bookmark) under a course.


Here is an illustration of how you can edit a thumnail image for a course. Click into the thumbnail box to the right of Learning objectives. Simply paste a URL for your image, then click outside the box. Readish should be able to save that URL, and then display the image.


Adding a thumbnail URL for course


Here is another illustration of editing a thumnail image. This time, you edit the thumbnail for an item under a course. Under the Dishes, Chops, or Desserts section, you can click into an item's thumbnail box or an existing thumbnail image. 


Editor may click directly on a thumbnail image to update it's URL



An existing image will turn into an input box, as shown in the picture in "Method 1" below.





How can I update thumbnail images? 


Method 1: Directly input an image URL into a thumbnail box.


 Updating a thumbnail for a Dish or Chop, under a Course


Method 2: Look up your own images stored on web or cloud services. Click into the purple T-icon to be redirected to look up your Web albums.


 Get image URL from your online albums 



You will be redirected to the "Photos" page, where you can click into one of these online album services, to select your favorite images.


Select one of your online or cloud-based to find your thumbnail image URL





Method 3: Select from several images extracted by Web Waiter. In the illustrations below, hover over a thumbnail to display "Update thumbnail" link. Click on this link, shown below at the cursor position:


Hover over a thumbnail under a course or bookmark; click "Update thumbnail" to use Web Waiter to find thumbnails 


Readish's Web Waiter will extract a list of images - if there are several images on that web page. Select your preferred, representative, image. In the illustration below, you can click the arrow button to browse through the images, the empty box to set a "blank" thumbnail, or the "x" sign to cancel the operation.


Select one of the thumbnails found by Web Waiter




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